Monday, 1 September 2008

so who has got the book first? well i cant tell you.

Well it's gone, its away, we are up and running, the moleskine has departed. 
It was actually harder than i thought to make the decision of choosing who was going to get the book first, which is why Dylan made the decision for me, I sat down on Friday night worked out where everyone was and what direction the book should go but I couldn't actually decide who should have it first. should it be an illustrator? a writer? a photographer? I couldn't even decide on whether it should start with a male or female. every time I thought I had made the decision I stopped myself and found a reason to send it to someone else. so the mind of an 8yr old intervened and made the decision for me. and it was a good decision.

the posting of the book took some time too, i seemed to put it off for as long as possible every time i looked at it sat there on the passenger seat of the car i got all excited i refused to buy an envelope for it when i was in town this morning just so i could put it off till later. i eventually got the envelope put the moleskine in it and then an idea took over me, i have put a little present inside the package for the contributor who its going to, just a little thank you for joining in and being the person who has to take the first page.

I must also say that I am rather anxious about all this for some reason, it may seem to those around me that I live in chaos but it's my chaos and I understand it, yet I have just posted off something that is mine, a product of my choosing for a project of my creation and I am setting it out on a journey that is completely out of my control. you see my chaos is controlled by me and I always know what is happening around me, with this project I have given that control away all I get to decide is where it goes, what actually happens within the pages of the book is all your choice and in your control. I feel kind of lost (damn it i just lost the game) but not alone, at least i have the knowledge that you all have been accepted because I believe you have the skills, talent and honesty to see this through to its finale.

good luck to whoever it goes and what ever you do with it have fun. 

enjoy the present.

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this chicken said...

Haha, you have got yourself so attached! Come on... let the sketchbook go! It has a new exciting life out there, it's ready to meet new people and travel the world!! :)