Wednesday, 22 October 2008

new book! new color!

hi y'all. round 2 here we come.
so i went to order the new book from mojo london today as i have been unable to get my ass to my local waterstones and low and behold what did i find there! ill tell you what, red yes RED moleskines! so i ordered one and its on its way. i figured new start so we may as well have a new color? what do you all think? i know it's not the traditional 'black book' we all know and love but hey this is not a traditional project! 

so, Mr Tom Sambles, are you ready for the challenge of being the second 'first contributor' in the all new red travelling moleskine?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What Now?

I dont really want to say what I am about to but I must.

It seems the book is lost, I have not heard from gemma for over 3 weeks and my overactive imagination has got me thinking that something really bad has happened. I am going to write her a letter in hope of finding out whats going on. I really hope she is ok and the book has got lost, I think the contributors are more important than the book itself.

Now then, there is a decision to be made! should I send out another book and start again? my current opinion is that I will send out another book asap and then randomly pick the contributors one by one and see where it takes us, although it probably wont be that random as I already have certain plans in my head that I really wish to follow.

please leave comments on what to do next. all opinions welcome.

If we start again then our first contributor (Jen) will get to have another go in the new book, its only fair.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

where is it?

I have no idea, our little book has lost it's way but so has our 2n'd contributor! they have both dissapeared from the radar. I really hope nothing bad has happened to the book and our contributor. let's all hope that gemma is ok and the book is on its travels.

Friday, 3 October 2008

hello y'all I'm back

firstly I would like to say that the uk is bloody freezing! oh how I wish for my sunny menorcan villa, secondly i shall be tracking down our beloved moleskine A.S.A.P! and i shall also be definately starting the 'travelling moleskine' vol.2 around christmas so all you who wish to join in can do so in the 2nd book!

ps. the book is supposedly in surrey by now but I have not heard from the new contributor yet, maybe it has not arrived yet but i do know it has spent the last 2 weeks in watford

the next contributor is tom sambles though, check him out at  Tom Sambles Illustration

Thursday, 2 October 2008

where oh where is our little moleskine?! where is its current residence & what delights does it contain?