Thursday, 18 September 2008



finished! apologies for taking a couple of days extra to post, i had work. but here they are , my eight pages. i tried to cover a number of things i like to do, such as drawing, printing, photography, & cut-outs.
01: an introduction, plus the parcel stamp
02: a gocco print i did recently, cut out & stuck onto black paper
03: a collage of sorts of various film photos taken in new york, gibraltar, monaco, spain, edinburgh, & at home
04: paper cut-out
05: letters & pattern in pen & posca
06: a drawing of a true story, also a sort of homage to illustrator david galletly, he has a fine taste in colour & layout
07: tree in pen, with added paper blossoms, as autumn is here
08: last & indeed least, as it is my least favourite page, a drawing of a clock from the city where i live. i was sad that my last offering wasn't to my personal standard, but i lost a couple of days of my two weeks when i went to visit my boyfriend & had to finish it before i left so i could take a photo. too rushed.

there we have it. i wasn't expecting to be making this post so soon! so lovely to have contributed to this project, i hope you all have fun when your turn comes around. (:


this chicken said...

Oh, what a wonderful start to the project! These pages are lovely and so full of fun :)

I can't wait to see them for myself when the moleskine arrives through my door!

jenuine said...

thank you! i would've liked to try a bit harder on the last couple of pages, but two weeks seems much shorter when a deadlines involved!