Tuesday, 2 September 2008


i won't lie: when i heard the thud of a package through my letterbox this morning, i spent about five minutes (whilst making a cup of tea) trying to remember what on earth i'd bought, or whether someone had mentioned sending me something. & in all honesty (it makes me sound a bit dense) upon opening i thought "oh, someone's sent me a moleskine!" then, i finally remembered the project. i was just out of bed, i promise, so forgive me.

upon this realisation i was excited, of course, but i confess to being a little worried about being the first. the first! how daunting! i have enough trouble starting my own sketchbooks, let alone one that is to have so many contributors! & i'm sad that i won't get to see anyone else's work in the flesh. but at the same time it's a blank easel, so i get to set the standard, haha.

the little moleskine is now nestled on my desk, still as naked as when it arrived through my door. i've decided not to rush into it, i have two splendid weeks of its company. but i thought i'd let you all know how it's doing, now that the projects begun. watch this space for more...

ps. thank you for the chocolate andrew! i've never actually had green & blacks before, & trust me, i will be getting more of the white! it's AMAZING!

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