Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year and all that

well hello there, its new years eve and its time to cekebrate! hope you all had a good christmas and santa got you some nice gifts,

as for the molie? well it is somewhere between japan and argentina, as its travelling over the christmas period i dont really expect it to get there fast, i am just hoping it has not got lost in the midst of all the xmas cards and presents travvelling round the world.

have fun, AlwaysSecondBest

fall out boy - yule shoot your eye out

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

just a quick one then,

hi y'all its been some time since i posted, so......

i really like what tom has done with his pages, i love the internet guide as, i must admit, i have no idea what helf the people i talk to on the internet are saying! what with the wtf?, lol's and lmao's and all the other stupid 'netspeak' they use. why cant people just use plain english? there i go again having a rant!

anyway the book is now in hiroshima, japan! ultra-global project now. it ended up in there due to me giving tom a list of destinations where to send it next and he picked japan. i have a feeling i may do this with the book alot, especially whilst i still have lots of destinations left to send them.

cant wait to see the next entry and find out where it goes next.


frank turner - long live the queen (its about his friend lex who died of cancer, a very very good song)