Thursday, 11 September 2008


hello chaps! don't despair, our little moleskine is naked no more. there are still some pages from my allowance to fill, & whilst i thought i'd keep you updated as i went along, i find that i don't want to give away just one page at a time. it's been harder than i expected; i'm quite precious with drawing, & also found it hard to decide whether my part of the book would contain of sketches, or more finished pieces. since my tutors have always gone on at me for having pieces that were too "finished" or worked into in sketchbook, i've decided to stick with my ways & do pages that i class as "finished" rather than as sketches. also i've tried to include all the ways in which i enjoy making & creating, with each page being quite different. i've decided (perhaps to the blogs disappointment) to not post any of the pages until the book reaches it's next destination, in order for it's content to be a little surprise for the next contributer, as well as giving you guys a fat little post at the end of my moleskine time.

hope you're all well! all will be revealed on tuesday!

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