Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What Now?

I dont really want to say what I am about to but I must.

It seems the book is lost, I have not heard from gemma for over 3 weeks and my overactive imagination has got me thinking that something really bad has happened. I am going to write her a letter in hope of finding out whats going on. I really hope she is ok and the book has got lost, I think the contributors are more important than the book itself.

Now then, there is a decision to be made! should I send out another book and start again? my current opinion is that I will send out another book asap and then randomly pick the contributors one by one and see where it takes us, although it probably wont be that random as I already have certain plans in my head that I really wish to follow.

please leave comments on what to do next. all opinions welcome.

If we start again then our first contributor (Jen) will get to have another go in the new book, its only fair.


Tom Sambles said...

I guess we're going to have to start again. It's annoying that this happened right before my turn, although at least the book wasn't near the end of it's travels.

mindblob said...

Yeah - I think we must start over again. I hope nothing has happened to the last receiver, or some evil spell has attached itself to the book.

I wonder what kind of ink Jen used...

hellojenuine said...

i used good ink! nice, friendly ink.

this is good & bad, as a few pages that i really liked are now gone (including the gocco page which makes me sad, thankfully i got photos of them all). but i can erase all mention of those that i didn't like!

AlwaysSecondBest said...

well that 3 votes for me getting my arse to waterstones at the weekend then.

ps. mindblob, i have no idea what the singlespeed blog you contribute to say's but i agreee singlespeed rocks, which is why i am currently saving for this.


this chicken said...

How very frustrating. I'm thinking that the book is probably just sitting on a table somewhere waiting patiently, little does it know it's about to be replaced :(

I agree with Tom though, at least it's happened at the beginning and not the end.

Let's get the new moleskine on the road.

hellojenuine said...

i have one request: can i not be first! i couldn't stand the pressure again, haha.

AlwaysSecondBest said...

dont worry jen. i think we should let tom go first as the book was on the way to him next anyway.