Wednesday, 22 October 2008

new book! new color!

hi y'all. round 2 here we come.
so i went to order the new book from mojo london today as i have been unable to get my ass to my local waterstones and low and behold what did i find there! ill tell you what, red yes RED moleskines! so i ordered one and its on its way. i figured new start so we may as well have a new color? what do you all think? i know it's not the traditional 'black book' we all know and love but hey this is not a traditional project! 

so, Mr Tom Sambles, are you ready for the challenge of being the second 'first contributor' in the all new red travelling moleskine?


this chicken said...

Red, oh yes!I think that it's a nice idea changing the colour - new, bright and full of energy!

Also, it shouldn't get itself lost so easily, as I guess it's quite hard to miss ;)

Lynne Chapman said...

I think red is perfect - burning up with creative possibilities!

I so wish I had found out about the project in time to be on the list! I shall follow this new book's progress with interest...