Friday, 3 October 2008

hello y'all I'm back

firstly I would like to say that the uk is bloody freezing! oh how I wish for my sunny menorcan villa, secondly i shall be tracking down our beloved moleskine A.S.A.P! and i shall also be definately starting the 'travelling moleskine' vol.2 around christmas so all you who wish to join in can do so in the 2nd book!

ps. the book is supposedly in surrey by now but I have not heard from the new contributor yet, maybe it has not arrived yet but i do know it has spent the last 2 weeks in watford

the next contributor is tom sambles though, check him out at  Tom Sambles Illustration


Tom Sambles said...

I'm worried to report that I am yet to receive the moleskine :(

hellojenuine said...

i really hope it makes it's way along it's route. i sent it out over three weeks ago, & despite other things that needed doing, tried extremely hard to make sure i got it on it's way on time. of course i don't know the current holders circumstances, but i hope that it was make it's way along soon.