Thursday, 21 August 2008

group mailout

Hello to all the travelling moleskine contributors,

                First off, thank you all for joining in with my little project I was not expecting it to take off this quickly or get so many people from different places. Most of the interest I have drummed up has been through flickr and its various moleskine related groups. Again thank you all.

                Ok now to the nitty gritty, the moleskine will be sent off sometime in the first week of September, basically when I get off my fat arse and get to the post office! I am estimating the project will take approximately 18 months to complete dependent upon the time the book is in the postage system. I will also try to co-ordinate the journey of the moleskine to reduce postage costs as much as I possibly can.

                I will e-mail each of you when the book is headed your way, all I ask is a return e-mail when you receive the book, then you will receive another e-mail with the address that you must forward the book to, again I would like you to e-mail me when you post the book, the main reason for these e-mails is so I can track where the book is and I will also know if it disappears in the postal system. Also every time the book moves location I will update the blog so we all know where it is.

                What to post to the group photo pool? Anything as long as it is directly linked to the moleskine itself, i know your all going to post the pages you have contributed to as thats the whole point of it! But you can also post things like the envelope it came in (block out the address though) maybe take a picture of the postie who delivers it? Anything you like as long as you link it to the moleskine. Once you have posted to the group you will also become a moderator of the group just to make you feel even more special.

                Now for the contents.... anything you want as long as it family friendly material, simple rules. You must also put your location, the date you received the book and your name or pseudonym that you use on flickr.

                I have a few other things to discuss which I wish your opinions on, what should I do with the book once it returns home? Also how do you all feel about writing a small entry for the blog when you have the book in your possession? And lastly what does the collective think about keeping the postage stamps from each envelope? I could post a pocket cahier to go with the book on its travel we could stick the stamps in there with a small note about its travels and what it did while it was with you? Sort of like a little travel journal for the notebook! There are discussion threads on the flickr group for you to leave your ideas on these.

                And now for something which I must bring to your attention, the privacy of your information, as you all know somebody has to have all your names and addresses, which would be me. What I intend to do is that you all e-mail me with the name and address you wish the moleskine to be posted to, I then will record the details in a mini Volant (all the pages are perforated) and delete the e-mail.  Once I have received an e-mail to say you have received the book I will then tear out the page with your address and shred it. This is the most secure way I can think of to hold the information.


Lastly, good luck with you input and remember to keep spreading the word of the travelling moleskine project! I shall be in touch in time to let you know when your turn will come.



Ps if you have changed your mind and no longer wish to join in please let me know.

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