Thursday, 28 August 2008

D-Day is announced!

well well, i did not expect the amount of interest at all, i have seen many projects like this start up and never finish or gain enough interest to keep going but not us. there is initially only room for 3 more people! this does depend on you all using the full 8 pages, if not there will be room for more.
I never thought an idea from a 30 something years old nobody from a little insignificant village in lancashire uk would ever have its own little corner of the web! I am extremely chuffed and unbelievably exited, i hope you all are too? 
Well i have the initial path of the moleskine planned. I have also decided to post it off on the 1st of september, thats monday! too keep you all in suspense I am not going to reveal the location it will got to first, it will be a suprise to whoever gets it! I think I may even keep this up throughout so the only people who will know where it goes will be me and the person who sent it off!

Good Luck people and I hope you all have fun with this project!


this chicken said...

How exciting!! I'm so pleased that it has taken off so quickly to allow you to start it pretty much immediately! I'm also really happy to be a part of this - I hope so much for it to be successful!

Little moleskine, I await your arrival :)

jenuine said...

ooh, how exciting indeed! happy posting today!

jenuine said...
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jenuine said...

ps. as well as my blog i have (: