Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Here are my completed 8 pages, I just went for the sort of thing I draw in my personal sketchbooks. I usually only draw on one side of the page as the black ink shows through, so I glued some paper onto every other page.

Here's a breakdown of each of the pages:

Page 1 - The stamp from the envelope the book arrived in, mounted in a gallery and being viewed by critics.

Page 2 - A drunk naked man ruining a carpet at a party.

Page 3 - A group of chavs.

Page 4 - An advert for 'Afterpaste' toothpaste. I love drawing adverts for disgusting and/or useless products I invent.

Page 5 - A pile of random characters. I used to doodle pictures like this all the time at school.

Page 6 and 7 - A translated guide to 'The Idiots of the Internet'. Mostly inspired by the stupid comments often seen on YouTube videos.

Page 8 - The Joker. Loosely based on Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Batman villain. Thought I'd go for a change and use some colour on this one.

I had a lot of fun finishing my pages, and ended up finishing a fair few in my own Moleskine too. Hope you all enjoy your turn, and fingers crossed this one doesn't get lost.


this chicken said...

Brilliant! Tom, you've done a great job of the first red moleskine entry! I particularly like the 'Idiots of the Internet' double page - really made me giggle - you see people writing stuff like this on YouTube and the like all the time - very funny :)

AlwaysSecondBest said...

i am very impressed, love the joker, i have a big grin on my face from reading the internet guide too. well done a great start to the red book!

BB said...

Great work! I couldn't stop smiling. The "Joker" reminds me of Beetlejuice too...

Tom Sambles said...

Cheers guys :D

I posted the book on Tuesday, so it should be in Japan sometime soon.

hellojenuine said...

awesome awesome! excellent start to the new book.

Meena E said...

Exciting! I am looking forward to it!!!

lisa currie said...

wow - these are really awesome sketches!