Friday 10 April 2009

not again - the end?

Okaay, time to admit it, I think the book has disappeared in the mail system again, not a good thing as this means that the project has come to an end, sad it may seem but you never know, the book may turn up?! if it does then the project will carry on.

but what i would like is for the work to continue somehow. I do have a list of definate people that the book was going to, with this in mind I am considering other ways to get all our work together in the one place, it would be a shame after all to get everyone interested and then have nothing to do!
possibly a page for all of those chosen to put up 8 pages of work (moleskines sized) and then post me the work they did to then be put in a final moleskine book, we could do it on a blog page and if we all put a small entry on the blog I could print and paste this into the final book. of course I would then post the book round to anyone who was wishing to take a real life look at the finished product.

If anyone has any other ideas for carrying on or if you wish it to come to an end for now, please comment on this post, i really do feel like this is a decision we all should make together.

over and out, Andrew.

Tuesday 24 February 2009

where is our beloved book?

Well to be honest I got a little worried last week so I dropped our books current keeper an email, the book is fine, Emmanuel however has been under the weather and has not been able to send it on but do not fear for it will shortly be on it's way to italy! mr Andrea Tallone is the next victim! check him out here

i'm looking forward to another instalment from the traveling moleskine soon.

All those people that just love these little projects should also check out

Goodbye for now.

MGMT - of moons, birds and monsters

Thursday 29 January 2009

Here is the damn thing!

Hey friends, the Red Moleskine is here and will be with me in my vacation time, it was a long way from Japan. I took a few pictures when it has arrived, you can take a look here.
I´m currently working in two illustrations for the molly i hope you can see my work soon. Thanks Emmie for the gifts and congrats for her great work.



Monday 19 January 2009

where is the damn thing!

well I have been a little worried of late, the moleskine was posted before xmas and has been in the postal system for 4 weeks! japan to argentina! its a long way to go over the festive period, I feared the worst, I thought we had lost another moleskine but NO, it has arrived in argentina! WOOP WOOP! no more worries about that then.
on another note, the black moleskine? due to some of my current circumstances I had put that on hold for a while, any way I am picking myself up and brushing myself off and setting the black mollie off at the start of february.

chow for now!

white lies - to lose my life.

Wednesday 31 December 2008

happy new year and all that

well hello there, its new years eve and its time to cekebrate! hope you all had a good christmas and santa got you some nice gifts,

as for the molie? well it is somewhere between japan and argentina, as its travelling over the christmas period i dont really expect it to get there fast, i am just hoping it has not got lost in the midst of all the xmas cards and presents travvelling round the world.

have fun, AlwaysSecondBest

fall out boy - yule shoot your eye out

Tuesday 2 December 2008

just a quick one then,

hi y'all its been some time since i posted, so......

i really like what tom has done with his pages, i love the internet guide as, i must admit, i have no idea what helf the people i talk to on the internet are saying! what with the wtf?, lol's and lmao's and all the other stupid 'netspeak' they use. why cant people just use plain english? there i go again having a rant!

anyway the book is now in hiroshima, japan! ultra-global project now. it ended up in there due to me giving tom a list of destinations where to send it next and he picked japan. i have a feeling i may do this with the book alot, especially whilst i still have lots of destinations left to send them.

cant wait to see the next entry and find out where it goes next.


frank turner - long live the queen (its about his friend lex who died of cancer, a very very good song)

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Arrival: Hiroshima!!!

Yay! The lovely red moleskine has arrived and Tom's drawings are going great with my morning coffee :) I especially like the "afterpaste". What to put in it? Suddenly I feel nervous!

Tuesday 18 November 2008


Here are my completed 8 pages, I just went for the sort of thing I draw in my personal sketchbooks. I usually only draw on one side of the page as the black ink shows through, so I glued some paper onto every other page.

Here's a breakdown of each of the pages:

Page 1 - The stamp from the envelope the book arrived in, mounted in a gallery and being viewed by critics.

Page 2 - A drunk naked man ruining a carpet at a party.

Page 3 - A group of chavs.

Page 4 - An advert for 'Afterpaste' toothpaste. I love drawing adverts for disgusting and/or useless products I invent.

Page 5 - A pile of random characters. I used to doodle pictures like this all the time at school.

Page 6 and 7 - A translated guide to 'The Idiots of the Internet'. Mostly inspired by the stupid comments often seen on YouTube videos.

Page 8 - The Joker. Loosely based on Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Batman villain. Thought I'd go for a change and use some colour on this one.

I had a lot of fun finishing my pages, and ended up finishing a fair few in my own Moleskine too. Hope you all enjoy your turn, and fingers crossed this one doesn't get lost.

Monday 17 November 2008

Toms entry, News, Song

The red book is now in its final hours of toms possession and soon he will reveal what delights he has given us,

In other news... The red books next stop is japan! Wahay were going global! I am also going to put some more links in the sidebars over the next week so if anyone has any great website's they think we should all know about just stick a comment on this post and i'll see what i can do.

I have noticed that some people place things like songs they are liking or books they are reading at the end of blog posts SO...

one for the old ravers of the 90's
Matt Helders (drummer from arctic monkeys) - Dreamer (feat. Nesreen Shah).